Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dr. Tom Keenan

Video-conferencing with Dr. Keenan began with anticipation. The audio was a bit low and what it reinforced with me again is the importance of quality audio in a video-conference or Skype audio conference. The quality of the video was excellent and there was some ‘WOW’ factor’ involved which likely contributed to our attention being held. Dr. Keenan mentioned Dr. Kurzweil and his contributions to technology development. He brought up the “Ultimate Thrill Ride Live Webcast” which he deemed extremely successful except for the firewall issues in the public school board network. I’m hoping that the ‘edge’ devices I’ve heard about will help in this vein. Big Ideas:

  1. Pretty Good Information is ubiquitous – the average person can access some incredible technologies and information these days compared to long ago. This is an interesting development but it can result in negative consequences which were unintended. “Always think of the unintended consequences of technology” was a quote Dr. Keenan offered us as advice.

  2. Online Information is not always “Good”

  3. We Should Think Before We Put Information on the Internet (Facebook, MySpace)

  4. Biometrics Will Raise the Stakes – Collecting our personal information, what this information will be used for, identity theft, used as the basis of hiring or not hiring people (medical insurance)

  5. Location Awareness – GPS chips will appear everywhere and will have numerous consequences – some good, some bad

  6. The Law Will Continue to Lag the Technology – not surprising

  7. We Need to Make Some (societal) Choices – e.g. video surveillance technology, ip logging

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Ideas that resonated with me:

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